17 Week old baby


All babies develop at different rates and have milestones at various stages but I thought it would be nice to share what my little baby girl is doing at 17 weeks.

At 17 weeks she often has her fingers in her mouth and at times tries to put her whole hand in – I think this is due to her gums aching.  For this I am giving her teething gel and teethers which she has for about 10 seconds then throws away as she prefers her own fingers!

She also had her immunisations last week which neither she nor I enjoyed!  I’m glad the next one’s are now when she is a year old.

Other things she is doing:
Sucks her fingers to soothe herself to sleep
More easily distracted at feeding times
Plays with feet
Follows me with her eyes when I put her in the cot so sometimes I have to stand there for a while
Has different recognisable cries/shouts for when she’s hungry or wants picking up for example
Feeding less often
Enjoys playing in her bouncer and with the baby gym


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