Uppababy Vista Pushchair/Pram Review

So these days there is so much to think about when buying a pushchair that it can be quite overwhelming.  After much thought I decided to go for the Uppababy Vista as it had so many plus points; award winning (Which best buy), large basket, sturdy frame and wheels, carrycot could be used for overnight sleeping, adjustable pushchair seat, parent and forward facing seat and much more.  Below is my review of the Uppababy Vista.

So I ordered my Uppababy Vista in Red Denny and it arrived in 2 large boxes.  This pushchair is available in many colours but I went for something unisex but wanted something more colourful than black.  The fabrics are washable and interchangeable.

This is what the pushchair and carrycot look like:


The Specifications of the pushchair are:
Unfolded: 63.5 x 111.75 x 89cm
Folded with seat attached: 63.5 x 45.7 x 81.3cm
Folded without seat attached: 63.5 x 30.5 x 81.3cm
Weight including canopy & basket:
Frame & Seat: 11.5kg, Frame Only: 8.4kg, Seat: 3.1kg, Carrycot: 3.8kg

So what do you get in the box (or boxes!):
Pushchair frame/chassis with seat unit and hood (integrated SPF 50 sunshade)
Carrycot with mattress (and removable mattress cover) and hood (integrated SPF 50 sunshade)
Rain cover for both carrycot and pushchair
Insect net cover for both carrycot and pushchair
Maxi Cosi / BeSafe iZi Go Infant Car Seat adapters

I liked the fact that the mattress in the carrycot was suitable for overnight sleeping (aerated), some mattresses in prams are not.  This was great as it meant we used the carrycot insead of a moses basket from newborn which baby girl slept in really well.  The inside is lined with microsuede, really soft and I think baby girl found it really cosy.  I used a standard moses basket stand and the carrycot fitted this although you can buy an Uppababy carrycot stand if you wish.


The carrycot fits easily onto the pushchair frame and lifts off with one click by releasing the lever at the back of the hood and lifting off the carrycot by the handle at the top of the hood.
You need to remove the carrycot to fold down the frame.

The mattress has a soft organic cotton/soy fibre removable zipped cover.  The hood can be pushed all the way down and also includes a integrated pop out SPF 50 sunshade.  This is great as you don’t need a parasol as it comes down quite far, the sunshade can be pulled out or pushed back when not in use.  The back of the hood can be zipped away to reveal a ventilated section.  There is also a matching cover which is attached by velcro, a rain cover and insect net cover.

Another great idea about this is that you also receive a dust bag so when you no longer need the carrycot it can be disassembled flat and stored away.

PUSHCHAIR (STROLLER) (To use from 6 months+)


There are so many plus points to the pushchair which is what swayed me to the Uppababy Vista.  Firstly the seat is higher off the ground than other pushchairs so baby is elevated, good if you are going to a café/restaurant to use as a highchair and also not having to bend down so far when taking your child in and out.  The seat can be parent facing or forward facing and is removed and attached quite easily.  The handle is height adjustable.  The hood includes an integrated pop out SPF 50 sunshade which can be folded into the hood out of the way when not in use, same as on the carrycot.  When your baby is forward facing there is a ‘peep’ cover to check on your child which can be lifted and held down with magnets.  Child is held in the seat with a 5 point harness.

The seat unit can be reclined into various positions from fully flat to upright (5 positions).  There is a bumper bar which can be opened by push button from either side to get your child in and out the seat unit.  The bumper bar has a cover which can be removed and washed.  A push on push off break pedal.  You click down on the pedal from the top to lock and then again to unlock.  You get a rain cover and insect net cover.  Note you need to remove the seat from the frame to fold it down unless you have the seat forward facing.

All wheels (shock absorbing) are easily removable if need be.  The front swivel wheels can be locked.  A great plus point is the rather large shopping basket (never big enough!).  I have seen some other very expensive pushchairs and the baskets are so tiny (some even look like trays rather than baskets!) that once you have put your changing bag in there is no room for anything else.

What else is there to say…. you get Maxi Cosi / BeSafe iZi Go Infant Car Seat adapters.  When baby girl was newborn we often left the carrycot in the house as we were using it for sleeping and so we took our car seat straight out the car and put onto the pushchair with the adapters, great when she was asleep.  Although you shouldn’t keep the baby in the car seat for too long.  If you are going to be long then use the carrycot.  I also found that the rain cover for the carrycot fitted the Maxi Cosi Pebble car seat quite well.

Later if you have another child you can fit on a ‘PiggyBack’ so the older child can ride on the board.  Also you can add a ‘rumble seat’ so you can have 2 seats on the one pushchair frame.

vista_listerYou also get a 2 year Uppababy guarantee included but make sure you register your product with them.

Here is a link to the manual which gives you much detailed information.
Uppababy Vista Manual

I hope you found this review useful.  Overall I am very very happy with this pushchair.  If you have any comments or have this pushchair then please let me know below.


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