20 week old baby


All babies develop at different rates and have milestones at various stages but I thought it would be nice to share what my little baby girl is doing at 20 weeks.

At 20 weeks these are some of the things my baby girl is doing:

* very easily distracted at feeding times
* still teething and chewing fingers – was advised to use teething powder for the pain
* gets excited when I come towards her
* shows a preference/cries for me in particular to pick her up when others are holding her
* recognises people (such as Grandparents)
* rotates wrists and stares fascinated at her own hands
* holds onto her ankles at nappy change time
* can flip onto her tummy completely from her back (but can’t go from her tummy onto her back yet)
* recognises nursery rhymes (loves Grand Old Duke of York and Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer – with actions of course!)
* often fusses in the pushchair as she wants to be held
* possibly recognises her name (not quite sure yet if it’s just a coincidence!) 
* enjoys hugs and kisses



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