Some baby items I found really useful…


Well baby girl has been keeping me really busy!  I thought I would write a blog on some baby items which I have found really useful.

1. Baby Sleeping Bag
I didn’t realise how useful this would be and didn’t buy my first one it was given as a gift.  When baby girl went from sleeping in her small cosy moses basket to the big cot she found it a big change as expected.  Then one night we decided to try the baby sleeping bag and it worked, she slept like a log!  I guess she feels so cosy and cocooned in it.
Anyway it worked so well that when she grew out of that one I got her another and there is a noticeable difference when I use it.

2. Pouch spoons
These are small spoons which screw onto baby food pouches.  The idea is that you when you are out and about you don’t need to take a bowl with you.  You just warm up the food pouch in warm water, screw the spoon on and squeeze the pouch;  the food comes through a hole onto the spoon.

3. Flask for heating bottles/baby food.
A ‘normal’ flask won’t do as the idea is the ‘lid’ is as long as the flask, you pour your boiled water into the large ‘lid’ and place in your bottle or food container to heat up.  There are soup flasks available with large lids which would also do the job.  This is useful for taking out with you.

4. Baby safety cotton buds
The difference is that the cotton end is wide and tapers off into a small point.  Why I like these is that you are less likely to push the bud too far into their little ears.

5. Cold water steriliser
I found this easy to use as you fill up the container (I use Milton’s) with a certain amount of water and add a sterilising tablet.  The water is sterile for 24 hours which means you can remove and add washed items throughout the day.  After 15 minutes the items are sterile.  I use the Milton system but please always check the instructions.

6. Car seat base
When baby girl was newborn and in the first few months we used to take the car seat out the car more (also it attached to the pushchair) but not so much now as she is bigger.  But still the base was and is great as you just place the car seat on and you hear a bleep so you know it is in place properly.  This means no messing around with seat belts over the car seat.  Even though we don’t take the car seat out the car much now it’s still useful as we just place her in the seat and belt her in but we don’t have to fiddle with belting the actual seat in.  A time saver and I’ve heard it’s safer in the model I use which is a Maxi-Cosi pebble seat with a base.

7. Baby bath tub sponge
Great when baby girl was tiny.  You place the large sponge in the baby bath tub and it stops her sliding around and provides cushioning.

These are just some of the things I found useful, I hope you do too.

Thanks for reading.


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