To dummy or not to dummy!

My little baby girl often has her fingers in her mouth due to teething and her gums are obviously aching.  We are using teething gel but I do feel she is often in discomfort.  I also have tried various teethers.  One of the teether’s have water in so you can put it in the fridge to cool it down so it’s more soothing on the gums.  She doesn’t seem to like any of the teethers that we’ve given her, I’m not sure if it’s because she can’t quite control her hand and keep it in her mouth or just doesn’t enjoy it.  She promptly throws it and starts to chew her fingers.

She rubs her head quite often and so has hair in her fingers so we thought it might be an idea to give her a dummy as we thought this might be easier to keep clean.  But on the flip side ideally I didn’t want to give her a dummy as I don’t want her to get addicted to it and also for orthodontic reasons it’s probably not ideal.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I was given some dummies and I thought it was a sign to give it a try!  I gave her the dummy and surprise surprise she didn’t like it and threw it straight out.  I have tried a few times again when we have gone out just so she has it to soothe herself but she doesn’t seem to like it.

So for now I have decided to hold on the dummy but I may try it again just for when we are out and I can’t feed her just to soothe her.

Let me have your thoughts on dummies below.

Pacapod Napier Changing Bag Review

So my Pacapod Napier arrived, ready for my baby massage class today!  I would like to share my review with you.

Below is the front of the bag.  It has 2 smaller clutch handles and one long adjustable over body strap which can be removed.  On the front you can see the orange Pacapod branded label and a zip around (2 zips) main compartment which holds the main pods which I will come to later.  The outside fabric is a cotton coated canvas with wipe clean finish.  Dimensions are H41 x W31 x D18cm.


Below is the back of the bag.  There is a pocket halfway down the bag which has a magnetic hold, this is great for items you need to grab quickly, I keep my muslin cloth in here!   Above that there is a small zip pocket with a large zip pull.



I have pulled the inside of the small zip pocket out of the bag so you can see exactly what this is like.  There are 3 separate sections which have an elasticated top.  You could put things like your mobile phone (if it fits – they seem to get larger and larger each year!), lip gloss, teething gel…
Another idea which I love as it’s one of those things easily misplaced or that you lose at the bottom of a bag is the key fob, you can easily clip your keys on, but not only this, the fob is on elastic so can be pulled out the pocket.


Below is a shot of the top of the bag, you can see another zip compartment here, you could use this for your purse, baby clothes, toys…  There are 2 pram/pushchair straps which I have pulled out so you can see, these actually keep down in the bag and you just pull them out when you need them.  These straps are adjustable and rather than held with velcro are held together with plastic fastenings which I like.


OK so the whole speciality of the Pacapod bags are the Pods so let me explain those.  Below is a picture of the front of the bag with the main compartment opened, this opens downwards to reveal the 2 pods. These are held in by velcro straps but each or both Pods can be removed from the bag.  P1030747

Another great design idea is that you could for example just remove the Changer Pod and take this to the Baby Changing Room rather than having to take the whole bag, or take out the Feeder Pod from the bottom of the pushchair.  Not only that but the handle at the back of each Pod has a velcro fastening so you could also attach each pod to the pushchair or take out just the Pod you need,  Great if you want to give your partner one Pod to take out or leave a Pod with a Childminder.

If you do remove the Pods there is obviously more room in the main bag or you could use on it’s own as for example a laptop bag.  When the main compartment is open you can see a pocket in the lid and you can just see the changing mat folded in here.  The changing mat has a velcro fastening to keep it folded.  You can then see 2 pods, one is called a ‘Changer Pod’ (grey) and one is a ‘Feeder Pod’ (black).  This is written on the little orange labels you can see on the Pods. You will also find that in the Pods there are little cute picture labels to tell you where everything goes to keep you organised.

So let’s look and see what’s in the Pods, firstly the Changer Pod, below I have added a picture so you can see what I have put in.  There are 2 zips so you can open up the front which folds open flat.  In the lid there is a pocket where you can slide in nappies, I have 4 in here.  At the back of the Pod are 2 large elastic straps which hold baby wipes but what I love about this is that you don’t actually have to pull the wipes packet out!  You can open the wipes packet from the centre without having to take the whole wipes pack, love it!  Then you have pockets on either side of the Pod, so you could put nappy change cream, nappy disposable bags, hand gel, sun cream etc in here.  There is still room to put other bits in the centre of the Pod.


The second Pod is the Feeder Pod as below.  This is an insulated bag which Pacapod say holds 4 bottles and keeps them warm for up to 3 hours.  Later this could be used for pots of food and there is a little pocket on the right hand side where you can slip in cutlery.


I think that’s pretty much everything,  You will see from my previous posts that I have already tried quite a few bags but the Pacapod stands out as quite different.  I have a baby massage class today so this should help me keep really organised which is sometimes impossible with a baby!  I hope you enjoyed this review, if you have any comments or have used this bag please leave me a message below.

First Post – Changing Bags!

OK so my baby girl is 16 weeks old now or 4 months if that makes it easier! (Everything seems to be in weeks when you have a baby)  She was born by cesarean so thing have been challenging but now I thought it would be good to start a blog and share my experiences, reviews and general thoughts.  I hope you find it an interesting read. I thought I’d start with changing bags and my experience so far, I’ve just ordered my fourth!  I first ordered a Jane´ Pram Bag in Blue Moon. 20140703_135344

The reason I chose this bag is as it’s not too girly as my husband is a hands on Father and I didn’t think he’d appreciate carrying a handbag type of changing bag!  It’s a messenger style with a shoulder strap, I found this bag OK, quite roomy but the flap over was a big annoying and and the straps are held down through 2 small loops which I never had the time to bother doing with a baby in tow.  One main zipped compartment, small webbed pocket on outside, the strap was a bit uncomfortable over the shoulder when the bag is heavy stuffed with baby items.  The fabric was good quality and I liked the changing mat although it’s a little on the small side.  Anyway I sold it and thought I’d try another. Second bag, I got the Caboodle Active which is a rucksack, back pack style of bag in black, again so it’s a unisex style.

Caboodle 1 (8) It has a built in side insulated bottle pocket which is handy for keeping milk warm or cold.  Loads of pockets, wet bag and large changing mat.  It looked good in the pictures but when I got it I thought it was quite ugly.  I really didn’t want to use it although I liked the size of the changing mat which was generous compared to the Jané one.

After this I tried the Babymel satchel in navy stripe.  Actually it does feel like the stripes make your eyes go funny.  Also it isn’t actually that roomy inside.



So I went online and did some research and decided to now try the Pacapod.  I have ordered the Napier and am awaiting delivery any day now. Pacapod Napier I had never heard of these before but they are basically stylish bags and have 2 ‘pod’ bags which go inside.  One is for changing items and the other pod is insulated for bottles/food.  Everything has it’s place in the bag, great if you like to be organised which I do.  So I’ll let you know what I think of it once it arrives and I’m hoping I’ll like this one!


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