John Lewis Baby Elephant Sleeping Bag Review

sleeping bag john lewis

I know it’s too hot to be using a baby sleeping bag just at the moment but it’s not long before the weather will start getting colder again.  I have used the John Lewis baby sleeping bag and will give you my experience below.

When baby girl was born she slept in the carrycot/bassinet for a few weeks with a blanket.  Then we decided to use the ‘big’ cot when she slept upstairs and at first she wasn’t happy!  I guess it was quite scary for her being cocooned in the womb and then to be in this large cot.  The transition from her Uppababy carrycot/bassinet where she felt cosy and then to be in this large cot must have been difficult.  Then I decided instead of using a blanket to try her John Lewis Baby Elephant Sleeping Bag…it was the best move for me!  She slept like a dream (pun intended!).  I guess she felt cosy and comfortable again so made her feel secure.  On top of this it gave me peace of mind that she couldn’t pull the covers over her face.

Product Details:
2.5  tog
100% cotton outer and 100% polyester filling
Size 0-6 months
Machine washable at 40°C

I like the fact that it had a zip up the bottom and side and popper buttons on each shoulder, so easy to take baby in and out the sleeping bag.  It has a good quality feel and it has been washed quite a few times and still looks good (very slight bobbles).  Only point I would say is that it says 0-6 months but with baby at 4 months I don’t think it will give her much leg room in a month or 2.  But I guess this obviously depends on the size of the baby but if it had been slightly longer that would have been great. 

At the moment it is too hot for a sleeping bag but I will be using another one when it gets colder again.

All in all a great idea.


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