To dummy or not to dummy!

My little baby girl often has her fingers in her mouth due to teething and her gums are obviously aching.  We are using teething gel but I do feel she is often in discomfort.  I also have tried various teethers.  One of the teether’s have water in so you can put it in the fridge to cool it down so it’s more soothing on the gums.  She doesn’t seem to like any of the teethers that we’ve given her, I’m not sure if it’s because she can’t quite control her hand and keep it in her mouth or just doesn’t enjoy it.  She promptly throws it and starts to chew her fingers.

She rubs her head quite often and so has hair in her fingers so we thought it might be an idea to give her a dummy as we thought this might be easier to keep clean.  But on the flip side ideally I didn’t want to give her a dummy as I don’t want her to get addicted to it and also for orthodontic reasons it’s probably not ideal.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I was given some dummies and I thought it was a sign to give it a try!  I gave her the dummy and surprise surprise she didn’t like it and threw it straight out.  I have tried a few times again when we have gone out just so she has it to soothe herself but she doesn’t seem to like it.

So for now I have decided to hold on the dummy but I may try it again just for when we are out and I can’t feed her just to soothe her.

Let me have your thoughts on dummies below.

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