Terrible Twos!

Ok so we’re going through what people call the terrible twos stage.  Below are some tips to help you cope.


  1. I found that tantrums usually happen when the child feels they are not being heard.  Try to catch it before it develops fully by listening to what they are trying to tell you.  Are they tired, unsettled, hungry?
  2. Sometimes they can’t always communicate which leads to frustration on both sides.  Again actually coming down to their level physically and asking what they want can help.
  3. We all have busy lifestyles and never seem to have time for everything.  Make sure you set aside quality time with your child every day.  Playing, cooking, colouring, painting, going to the park – whatever it is it’s time between the two of you.
  4. Be firm – no means no.  These little kiddies are very clever and will learn what pushes your buttons and how to get their own way.  Stick to your guns so they know you are being serious.
  5. Use distraction techniques – pick them up take them in the garden for fresh air, ask them if they want to watch their favourite programme or nursery rhyme or play with a favourite toy.
  6. It’s really hard but try not to shout, keep calm, take deep breaths (lots!), be firm and hopefully they will start to realise you follow through with what you say.
  7. Triggers such as being out later than normal, going to Pre-School, potty training, new environments can all be triggers to make them unsettled.  Be wary of these times.
  8. Play dates with other children will help them get used to being around their peers.  They probably won’t play together yet but can start to learn to share (or fight over the same toy!).
  9. Sometimes it can get too much for the parent too – we also need time out.  Let someone look after your child, even if it’s for an hour and take a long bath, walk, read a book, meet a friend, listen to music or shut yourself away.  Anything that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed.
  10. Remind them you love them, shower them with kisses and cuddles.  They grow up fast!

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